A review of GTA IV published in a academic journal

Sun sets over Liberty City. Its rays beautifully reflect in the mirror surfaces of the skyscrapers. Traffic is frozen with the streets filled with rush-hour traffic. Even the pavements are overcrowded, passers-by yelling and shouting at each other or just mumbling to themselves. Only my car is moving. Between the cars in the lanes waiting at the traffic lights is always a gap just wide enough for my battered sports coupe. The oncoming traffic is just slow enough for me to dance through it. Although I am in no hurry I hit the gas pedal. Just for the joy of it. The worst thing that can happen is having a head-on crash that smashes me through the windscreen, leaving me with my health bar depleted to the minimum. Nothing that can't be cured by a hot- dog from one of the street vendors. Welcome to Liberty City.

Martin Pichlmair 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV Considered as an Atrocity Exhibition. Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture. 2008; 2; 2; 293-296