A small set of Unity tools & helpers:

  • A* implementation based on Christoph Husse's original code but greatly enhanced so that user context can be provided per search call
  • Three collection types: A multimap based on Microsoft's examples, a priority queue that the A* needs and a shuffle bag because all other random is unsuited for Tetris
  • A couple of economy simulation stubs (very much work in progress)
  • A TextFile asset and JSON reader
  • An arbitrary Graph type based on Microsoft's sample code
  • Integer math and integer vectors
  • A math parser based on Yerzhan Kalzhani's code
  • A cleaned up version of this Notification Center
  • A neural network implementation
  • Realtime sound tools and examples
  • A couple of UI components for Unity 5's built-in UI system. Here you find dragable elements, drag areas, lines and multilines and other useful widgets
  • A custom asset utility for wrapping custom assets
  • Some helper functions to make the cloning of objects from prefabs easier